★ current commission queue


★ Vanny - mixed sculpts

<-> mixed fursuit parts & supplies
[ amino - USA shipping ]


★ Ven - 2 large scupts - 1/2 finished


★ old commission queue (on hold)


if I owe you stuff, please get in touch with me. 

★ current commission slots


2022 slots:

1. Vanny

★ trading sculptures for fursuit & craft supplies ★

I'm expecting to have all my current trades & commissions finished before the new year, so im taking on new projects to begin in january 2022.

⋆ what i accept ⋆
premades or customs are acceptable.

toony > kemono > realistic styles.

interested in heads, paw gloves, paw boots, arm/leg sleeves, tails (less interested in but will still consider: fullbody suits, halfbody suits, digi legs).

headbases (no dinos or skulls).

fursuit accessories (such as collar, bandana, plushies).

fur and fabric scraps.



silicone & silicone molds.

resin parts (such as teeth or claws).



other fursuit related parts may be acceptable, feel free to ask. I'm a baby fursuit maker so I will absolutely consider accepting any "low quality", unfinished, or damaged fursuit parts as they will make great practice.


i may consider other crafting, jewelry supplies, just ask.

⋆ what i do not accept ⋆
ocs/fursonas/adopts, digital artwork, or anything not craft related. im shipping items, so i expect something in return which can be shipped to me.

⋆ trading process ⋆
trades will be dependent on what we are both comfortable with, but will include you paying to ship my items and me paying to ship yours. i may be willing to ship half of yours, then you ship mine, then i ship the other half. we should be shipping around the same time and both provide tracking info promptly.

⋆ turnaround time ⋆
i can take anywhere from one week to a few months to complete and ill give a timeframe when you order. it depends on the size and complexity of the sculpt, and if a holiday is near, Im likely also stocking my shop with pieces. art is my "fulltime job" right now but I also have a lot of medical issues that slow me down sometimes. i send wips when i have them. i post frequent status updates on my website (rather than individually dming folks): foxbuns.com/updates

⋆ warning ⋆
you understand and agree that if you stop responding (ghost me after i start working on yours), i will post multiple bewares on several sites about it, as youd be scamming me. you will also be blacklisted from my art/shops. any half finished sculpts will be modified to no longer resemble your oc, and be sold to recoup my loss.

★ recent finished commissions