frequently asked questions

★ why are you slow with commissions sometimes?

I have rheumatoid arthritis, carpal tunnel in my dominant hand, and a really fun form of eczema that gives me open sores on my hands sometimes.  due to these reasons, it can be really difficult on some days to use my hands at all. I also deal with things like mental health, problems at home, and additional health conditions (stomach, immune system, etc). I sincerely appreciate your patience during these times; I cannot predict flare-ups, but try to work around them the best I can.


 ★ what if I need my art by [deadline]?
do your best to place your order as far in a
 dvance as you can.  be very clear in expressing to me the date you need it finished by.  for a fee, your commission will be pushed to the top of my queue and expedited.


 ★ do you take art requests? [can I have free art?]

unfortunately, no! with 15 years of experience doing art professionally, it doesn't logistically make sense for me to do that. besides, I have bills to pay like everyone else!  remember that art is a luxury; a want, not a need.


★ I found a foxbuns / fox-buns / fox--buns / etc on a site that was not listed on your contact page... is that you?
if it's not listed on my contact page, it's [probably] not me. I wasn't the first person to come up with the moniker!  [please don't bother them!]


★ what is the best way to pay you [or donate]?

directly to my Paypal reduces the fees from a middle-man like Patreon. Ko-fi is an option that doesn't take any fees out & also is sent straight to my Paypal.  I can take Cashapp, but prefer Paypal.  I do not have Venmo.  I accept only USD.  I generally do not accept digital/virtual currency/points, cryptocurrency, or gift-cards.


★ can I reference your artwork?

sure! feel free to take inspiration, directly colour-pick my palettes, imitate techniques/textures/etc, reference poses & stylistic choices...  what you should NOT do, however, is: directly copy/trace over my art, try to pass my art off as your own, or post my artwork anywhere without my express permission & credit linking back to this site.


★ how do you make sculptures?
- metal armature [copper wire + aluminum foil]

- Sculpey brand polymer clay

- strong adhesive like super glue

- acrylic paints [+ paint brushes]

- matte/gloss top-coat/sealant


★ what do you use to do digital art?
Paint Tool SAI, sometimes Adobe Photoshop; Huion graphic tablet.


★ how do you ship physical items?

I use USPS & provide a tracking number. I have USPS print the tracking labels for me, so I don't print them directly thru paypal or other sales sites/apps.  if I can fit it into a small envelope of some kind, I will do so, otherwise I'll try to find a box that's close in size & add padding as needed.  you may also choose to pay extra to have it insured via USPS.


★ how do telegram stickers work?
you will receive an image in the required format of 512 square pixels. you would then message the official telegram stickerbot, @stickers to upload your stickers into a pack.  interact with this bot the same as any other telegram bots, using /commands. type / to bring up the menu.  you will choose a name for your sticker pack, upload your stickers and choose corresponding emojis, and then publish the pack, which you can then edit, add to, re-order, use and share to your hearts content!  I do require users include my credit sticker, but it can be placed at the end of the pack.


★ thoughts on NFTs (non-fungible tokens)?

I don't personally support them due to the environmental damage and energy waste. as a general concept, I also do not agree with them. I will never offer my artworks as NFTs, nor would I ever allow another person/entity to list my works as NFTs.  if you see something of mine listed on any NFT site, please notify me so I may get it removed.


★ what I can do

★ at this time I am not taking on any larger or long-term projects, such as animation, comics & webtoons, pet-site & game items & graphics, etc.


to order artwork with any sexual, kink/fetish, drug-related, or other extreme and adult-oriented/NSFW themes, you must provide me a photo of yourself holding up a photo ID for age verification.


will do:
★ digital art ★ telegram stickers ★ clay sculptures ★ paintings ★ mixed media

★ animals ★ humans ★ furries/anthros ★ alien creatures ★ closed species 

★ fan art ★ character designs ★ pixel ★ chibi ★ background illustrations ★ comics
★ logo designs ★ soft gore ★ candy gore ★ pin-ups ★ nsfw/fetish/kink ★ marijuana



★ cute; cartoony; chibi/anime; highly stylized; mimicking styles from popular media

★ organic textures/details (fur, feathers, flowers, leaves, fungus, wood, etc)

★ humans & mammals & natural markings (zebra stripes, leopard spots, etc)
★ pastels & saturated colours; contrast; gradients & watercolour-blending

★ shading & highlights in different styles: cell, soft, mixed, realistic, painterly, etc
★ looping, pixel styled artwork & animations


★ terms of service


by commissioning me, you are agreeing to all of my terms of service listed here, and will be held to these terms as is necessary.  once you have agreed in writing and/or paid for a service, you will be legally held to these terms when necessary.  these terms are in place to protect both yourself as the buyer and me as the seller.  terms may at change any time, without warning or reason given.  any breach in any terms of service (mine, Paypal's, the sites used for contact) will lead to the commission being canceled (refunds issued pending a review of the breach).


you must be 18+ to commission me. I do not work with anyone under the age of 18, for any reason. you must have your own paypal account in your own name, not using someone else's for any reason.  I will not humour 'three-way trades' or similar.  by contacting me in regards to a commission, you are agreeing that you are 18+ of age, and that you are commissioning me on your own behalf and not on the behalf of any other person(s) for any reason.


as the artist, I reserve the right to cancel your commission at any time, for any/no reason; generally this will only happen if I am having difficulty communicating with a commissioner, or if they've become difficult to work with, or if I experience severe health issues or life problems that prevent me working on your piece in a consistent and timely fashion.


my artwork is intended for personal use only. if you would like to use my art for commercial use, you will have to let me know before I start the commission piece.  you will also be required to pay a one-time commercial licensing fee, which will vary by piece, and will be included in the total commission pricing. (logo commissions, the exception, include commercial licensing.)


Art & Payment Process:

you will begin by filling out the commission form, and contacting me. I will respond letting you know if I am able to take on your commission and give you an estimated turnaround time.  I'll first send you a sketch/mockup, and make as many revisions as needed.  once you approve the sketches/mockups, I expect full payment before making any further progress.



payment must be made in USD via Paypal. (Cashapp may be acceptable if discussed.) unless specified, I do not accept digital/virtual currencies/points, nor cryptocurrency, nor gift cards.  because Paypal requires its users to be 18+, I will assume that you are operating your account according to that and all other Paypal policies, so by paying me, you will be held to these terms.


refunds are provided upon request.  commissions may be canceled at any time, and the refund is based on the % of progress made.  if no progress made, 100% refund is given; if 100% completed, 10% refund is given; and anything else in-between will be discussed. this is non-negotiable.  it may not be possible to provide an immediate refund due to bills & living situations.  charge-backs (as opposed to having a conversation with me and allowing me to directly refund you) will get you blacklisted.  I do reserve the right to decline a refund if the reason does not appear to be enough to warrant a full refund; partial refund may be offered instead.  if you are asking a refund for a physical item, I must first receive the item before a refund can be issued.


higher-priced commissions ($100+) may require a non-refundable deposit to be paid first.  deposits will not be returned for any reason, even if you decide not to go forward with your commission.  deposits are generally for real-life items needing materials.



★ PRICE: domestic (USA) - typically $3-8; international - typically $30-$60 minimum, depending on country.
★ THRU: USPS (UPS/FedEx are options, but USPS is typically cheaper)
★ SCHEDULE: Shipping Wednesday & Thursday every week.
★ PACKAGING: Sometimes recycled, please forgive any 'mismatched' packaging.


shipping costs are not calculated in the base price for items, and will be calculated separately from the commission cost, depending on where you are located, local tariffs/taxation, customs requirements, and other necessary considerations.  once it has been left with the courier, any liabilities for lost packages or damaged items are solely the responsibility of the courier, and they are whom to contact in case of missing/damaged goods.  in this situation, I cannot offer a 'free replacement item' or similar. i recommend adding insurance.


upon receiving your physical item(s), you will have 7 days to contact me and inform me of any damages, defects, missing parts, or any other issues with your item(s).  reasonable accomodations (such as repairs or modifications) will be made if it is found that I did not properly craft something.  I cannot honour any warranty if I believe the item was modified in any way.  if you have chosen to have your item(s) modified, and wish repairs to be done after that, I will require a fee paid.  in these cases, all shipping costs associated with the items will be your personal responsibility.


If you have any kind of health concerns, please get in touch with me before commissioning me.


★ METAL ALLERGIES: All of the metals I use are nickel-free, made from either aluminum or stainless/surgical steel (some may be plated/treated to have different colours). Nickel is the metal most commonly associated with being allergic to jewelry & turning your skin green. If you need a particular type of metal/material for health reasons (such as titanium, ceramic, acrylic, silicone, polymer clay, etc), please get in touch with me. I'm more than happy to order the type of hardware you need to be comfortable & will not charge you any extras for your comfort.
★ COMMON ALLERGIES: Home has cats & smoke. Items will arrive to you clean & smelling fresh. If you have severe or life-threatening allergies to cats/smoke, it may not be the best idea to order; in such a case, order at your own risk.
★ AIRBORNE ALLERGIES: I may include things like: a tiny scoop of lavender, or a spritz of scented air freshener, or small piece of a scented dryer sheet to give a boost of freshness. If any of these will cause you allergic reactions (or other health issues), please get in contact with me & I will remove them from your order.
★ FOOD ALLERGIES: I include some snacks in my giftbags, which can have things like fruity candy & tea. Common flavours will include blue raspberry, blueberry, grape, acai, pomegranate, butterfly pea. If you have any kind of allergies that may be within candy/tea, please let me know, so that I can avoid them.
★ TREE-NUT ALLERGIES: I will never include any snacks that contain peanuts, almonds, cashews, walnuts, pecans, coconut, or any other kind of nut ingredients.


all materials are the highest possible quality and generally have been sourced myself (in person, in stores).  I always try my hardest to colour-match characters, even when it means paying significantly more for a specific material. materials I do not have will be charged to the commissioner.


Art Definitions:

★ bust = ends around the shoulders/collarbone

★ half-body/waist-up = ends around the stomach

★ knee-up/two-thirds = ends around the bottom of the knees
★ full-body = the entire subject is pictured, from head-to-toe

★ cell-shading - flatter, 2d shading reminiscent of cartoons/comics
★ soft shading - an airbrushed look with softened edges
★ mixed shading - layers cell and soft shading for a unique look

★ painted shading - lineless; softer and more realistic texturing


commercial use includes but is not limited to; adoptable bases, character designs, art to be placed on merchandise, watermark/logo designs, any art placed on any sold/traded item, artwork intended for games/pet-sites/similar.


★ for digital purchases, please remember to select 'no shipping needed'! it saves me a headache when paypal is bugging me to ship a digital item that cannot be shipped. ★ 

★ inorganic textures/details (metal, armour, mechs, vehicles) ★ futuristic / sci-fi themes
★ very dark / desaturated / monotone pieces
★ non-pixel animations; animations with sound; non-GIF animations
★ geometric / abstract themes


will not do:

★ mecha/robotic themes ★ armoured characters ★ complex weaponry/machinery
★ "shipping" real people ★ extreme fetish/kink ★ extreme gore ★ hyper muscles
★ pedophilia ★ zoophilia ★ necrophilia ★ ageplay/diaperplay/ABDL ★ rape

★ incest ★ scat/urine/mucous ★ drug use ★ anything non-consensual

★ self-harm/suicide ★ extreme abuse/violence ★ tracing other artists' artwork