★ Clayworks - open for commissions ★

Click on the star to visit my Etsy shop, where you can purchase my handmade items! You can see some of the items that are available below. Everything was hand-crafted with love by me! Many are one-of-a-kind!

★ custom sculpts ★





Base Pricing:

Small Accessory - $20
Earrings (1 pair) - $25

Ring (any size) - $20

+ $5-15 for larger or complex pieces.


Small Accessory = Keychain, Pin, Pendant, Charm, Stitch Marker.  (Base sizing 1-3".)


Earring Mounts = Clip-on, stud/post, hook.




Small Sculptures:

Object Sculpture - $20

Bust Sculpture - $30

Halfbody Sculpture - $40 
3/4 (Thigh/Knee-up) Sculpture - $45

Small sculptures are around 2-6" in length/width.


Fullbody Sculptures:

Chibi Animal - $40

Chibi Furry/Anthro - $45

Chibi Human - $50

Realistic Animal - $75
Realistic Furry/Anthro - $80

Realistic Human - $85


Fullbody sculptures are around 4-12" in length/width.


Extremely complex/detailed characters will cost extra.


If you would like something sculpted at a larger size, please discuss with me for pricing.



Glass cabochon eyes







★ Polymer Clay Sculpted Figures & Accessories - FAQ & Care Instructions 


Every clay piece is lovingly hand-sculpted by me; I custom mix all colors, design, cut, bake, sand, and assemble each piece with care & attention to detail. Be advised that items may come with slight differences or small imperfections.


★S-grade: Perfect. No air bubbles, scratches, or other noticeable defects.  Sellable at full price.

★A-grade: Not quite perfect, but close enough. No major noticable defects.  Sellable at full price.

★B-grade: Noticeable errors due to manufacturing or my own errors. Sellable, but only at discounted pricing.

★C-grade: Not sellable due to major defects.  Included in mystery bags/boxes or included as free extra goodies.
Defects: miscoloured spots, smudge/smear, deep scratches, wrong colors, misaligned, misprinted, miscut items. 


These are made with polymer clay, which is fairly durable. However, pieces can be broken or scratched if dropped, bent, or handled too harshly. Store clay pieces in a dry place out of direct sunlight, and put them on after applying any type of creams, oils, and sprays. Your piece will come inside a mesh drawstring bag, which is great for storing your piece.  If your pieces become dirty, gently wipe them off with a cloth. All of my pieces will have a top-coat sealant, making it safe to wipe with a slightly damp cloth. Do not soak, scrub, or use alcohol.  If you ever have any questions about taking care of your specific piece(s), please get in touch with me: foxbuns@outlook.com



I ship my items thru USPS.  FedEx or UPS may be an option if you'd prefer; contact me to let me know.  Tracking is typically included automatically with most shipments.  Insurance usually costs extra (depending on the country); if you'd like to add insurance, please contact me to let me know.  It can take up to a week for me to get to the post office once your item is completed; this is typically because I'm planning to ship other orders and need to finish those up so I can ship them all together at once.  You might find your outer packaging to look 're-used' (box/bubble mailers) - this is because I save old packaging and recycle/reuse them.  When I purchase new packaging, I opt for packaging made of recycled materials wherever possible.  As far as stickers, stamps, business cards, prints, and other specialty printing are concerned, I source as locally/from small business as much as I can.  I do as much as I can to be mindful, reduce my carbon footprint & help save the ecosystem.


I do not accept returns on earrings after they have been worn, due to hygiene reasons.  If your item is worn but you have issues (like an allergic reaction), please contact me to work something out.  Necklaces & other pieces (not worn in the ears) may be returned for cost paid, including shipping, for any/no reason.  If your pieces arrive cracked, broken, or otherwise damaged, please take photos of the damaged items, and get in contact with me as soon as possible.  You will have 7 days from the date the item has been marked 'delivered' to get in touch with me. I will do my best to make things right! Please visit my website for my full FAQ/TOS - foxbuns.com/faq


Although I do my very best to keep my workspace clean, smoke-free and pet-free, I do live in a home that has a smoker, and cats.  I will make every possible effort to make sure your finished product arrives to you looking & smelling clean and fresh.  If you have any kind of health concerns, please get in touch with me before purchasing.