[ Foxbuns Craft Cafe - Established 2020 ]
Foxbuns Craft Cafe is run by one person whose mission it is to bring unique & affordable decor - for bodies & homes - in a wide range of aesthetics, while incorporating recycled/thrifted materials.  I handmake items which include materials which I have thrifted, recycled, foraged or otherwise found (all sanitized, of course).  I use recycled packaging as much as I can, & create my own packaging materials.


I am a self-taught multimedia artist.  I've been drawing for as long as I could hold a pencil.  I remember being about 4-5 years old, slapping a sheet of paper against the television to trace over paused frames of Lady & the Tramp.  When I say multimedia, I mean it!  I've worked with almost every type of traditional media; pencils/graphite, crayons, colour pencils, markers, acrylic paint, watercolours, clay, sewing, jewelry, chainmail, and even confections.  I also use a graphic drawing tablet to create digital artwork, ranging from digitized cartoony art styles, animations, paintings, logos, web design, pixels, character design, video game design, tattoo designs, and much more.


In terms of art, Beatrix Potter and Becky Dreistadt are some of my biggest inspirations! I'm very fond of older art styles, such as rubberhose and storybook illustration styles.  One day, I would like to write and illustrate a story-book; to create a comic book or webcomic; to animate / voice-act in a short film; to create my own pet-site (like Neopets); to design my own board game / video game; and to become a fursuit maker... to name a few! c:


Thank you for visiting! I hope you have a wonderful day. c: